Trying to stay positive ....

Man, I’m trying my best to not be on the “this game is rigged” “this game is scripted bus” but absolutely everything points to the fact that this game is absolute BS.
Let’s not even go there with the WL issues week after week, but here’s a problem I’m facing right now.
So Icon Objectives.. 5 matches l need to win. 1,2,3,4 boom! 5 match... I cannot buy a win! I can dominate games no problem... can’t win tho. Every single game pretty much I’ve absolutely given it to my opponent, and that goal won’t go in. When it does tho .. BOOM! My opponent then miraculously comes alive! My passes will no longer go to my own player, my CB’s start to split from each other and I’m basically smothered until that equaliser goes in. Soon as it does... yeah you guessed it.. my opponent goes back to being absolutely 🎃🎃🎃🎃 and we draw the match!!
10 games now in a row, and coincidentally every time l get to the last match l need to win in the objectives this happens
Absolutely broken game
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