Career mode difficulty and gameplay (PLEASE READ IT)

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As an all-time career mode player i am very saddened to see how career mode went from being the funniest gamemode to play in (for me), to completely unplayable. The only thing the AI does when you play against them is to cross the ball, there are no ideas, every goal they score is the same. Besides that, everything has come to point in which either you play on Legendary and you win extremely easily or you play on Ultimate, which is completely unplayable since that update on January, where it seems that every player has sliders on them.
I don´t understand how these decisions were approved and, as a long time customer, I am very disappointed.
I really hope you can fix this before the next Fifa comes out, so that everyone who played this gamemode can enjoy it once again, especially given the difficult times we are living in.

I know the chances are slim but if you could just read this message and try to solve it somehow, it would mean a lot.

Thank you.


  • As an all time player myself i suggest you to try manual controls and sliders, which change game dramatically and make it x1000 fun and rewarding. Im having a blast playing like that and can't recommend it enough TO EVERYONE.
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    Thank you. If you don´t mind, would you write me the sliders you are currently using?
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    I'd name it REALISM MODE or something, i believe it is perfect:
    - Full manual controls (you can start with only manual shooting cause even that will change your gameplay BIG TIME)
    - Legendary difficulty
    - Slow speed
    - 8 min halves or more
    - Legacy defending (personal preference ONLY ON FULL MANUAL)
    - Tele broadcast camera with 20 height and 0 zoom (personal preference)

    Sliders: (player/cpu)
    Sprint - 48/48
    Accel - 50/50
    Shot Error - 70/70
    Pass Error - 55/55
    Shot Speed - 50/50
    Pass Speed - 50/50
    Inj Freq - 90/90
    Inj Sev - 40/40
    GK Ability - 50/50
    Marking - 72/72
    Run Freq - 5/5
    Height - 51/51
    Length - 46/45
    Width - 48/48
    FB Pos - 5/5
    FT Control - 70/70

    Please share your experience here and ask questions or if u need other tips.
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    I’ve been very disappointed in career mode the last few years. I bought PES a few weeks ago and having a blast. I hope EA steps it’s game up 😩
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