Online matches uses only 10-12mb

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My BT went down this Am so played off mobile 4G, ping went up to about 50ms from my usual 20ms, 15 games later checked my data only used 200mb, lag feels equal and not that noticeable, have won 50% of games which is an improvement, why on earth is this game such a mess when it's only 12mb in 15 minutes, less than a MB per real minute, per gamer, was expecting to have used at least 1GB, is this how people are manipulating connection in Futchamps?


  • Supermario911
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    U wot m8
  • Purplejacket
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    Less than that
  • Kobayashi
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    So the EA servers can't cope with each user using less than 1MB per gameplay minute between 2 users, in COD you can have 150 connected, why are FIFA gamers penalised with 20ms AVG ping, 80mb down / 30mb upload?? Should I go back to dial up internet to get lag compensation in my favour
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