Why are Serie A TOTS CBs so cheap?

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They are nice looking cards. For example, de Vrij looks much better than TOTS Hummels. But why the Serie A ones so cheap?


  • RexAnglo1066
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    Who knows.

    Don't question it, just buy what you need.
  • Koning Spijker
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    Serie A is the least popular major league. Because of that, people have a PL, LaLiga, Bundes defense. Only van Dijk is out there to link him. But the people that afford TOTS/TOTY van Dijk, will not pair him up with de Vrij.
    I'm with you that it's a good card, like almost every year.
    Link him with TOTY De Ligt and TOTS Szcezcny/Handanovic. Sure you can hold yourself against most teams
  • Retro_G
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    Too difficult to link players from Serie A, how often do you come up against a Serie A team? It's not a popular league this year.
  • Barry Allannnn
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    Most don't have good strong links unless you're running a full serie a side.
  • Ledesale
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    Totssf de vrij, TOTY de ligth and van der sar, build whatever team you want around them
  • Prettyfly
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    RTTF Juan jesus brazil simple
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