skill moves are far to overpowered

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i don't use skill moves i am just not that type of player and it will sound like i a moaning because i don't use them but they are 100% stupidly overpowered . the amount of times you will read a skill move and perform a perfectly timed tackle just to see the ball bounce straight back to them because they are mid skill move . it's so unrealistic . and in other time's an opponent will perform a skill move which even if you just command your defender to stand off them they will dive in and completely miss the ball. EA don't need to just sort the servers out they need to completely re think there gameplay because it's fast becoming an 11v11 fifa street due to them putting 5 star skill moves on keepers and defenders


  • Jovand1988
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    They arent so much overpowered as you lunging in and getting rinsed.
    The only issue is from game to game your defenders play diff so you need to adjust again and again which can result in getting rinsed.
    Sometimes going forward a tackle is swift and to the ball another time its best to sit back and take it just outside box it all depends on the game.

    One game your opponent cannot get past with dragbacks or elasticos another he does easily.
  • Mmandras
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    Skill moves are fine, maybe even underpowered.

    Manual defending is intentionally horrendous and that's the main issue.
  • Tymsy83
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    its not the skill move which is over powered, its the delay.

    i skill and get wiped out so many times and its never a foul. yet on the reverse im always running through balls which obviously are not really there.
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