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I don't think I've ever played against him. The 2* WF seems to terrify everyone (and it did me too)

I needed a Striker for this WL when I made a new team after a disastrous Saturday to link my new Liga NOS/Super Lig hybrid. So I picked him up as a bit of an impulse buy as he was expiring with a decent bid price and his stats had everything I was looking for.

End result - he was unbelievably good. 11 goals in 9 games (8 wins), and almost as many assists. Did fluff a couple of chances on his weak side when finessing, but everything he struck with his left was perfect. Great passing, silky smooth dribbling, and scored two headers too (being tall comes in handy sometimes).

Conclusion - don't judge a book totally by it's cover. I'll need to use him more to make a proper conclusion but so far he seems far better than PIM Raul who I was using last week.

Anyone else used big Riv?


  • ||natch0||
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    Used him a few months back. Was my top scorer until i replaced him with CR7. I rarely noticed his 2* WF because he was such a good finisher.
  • kraid
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    Used his pim as a right cam and he’s was great cutting in onto his left, rarely needed to hit anything with his right.

    Don’t think I could play him through the middle because of the w/f but out wide he was fine
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