Opponent quit im froze

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Its been ten mins and the camera is just panning around the stadium. Players are on the pitch at the center circle ready ro kick off. There no sound either.

I just went 4 up, he pauses and quit.

Now i have this.

If i dashboard and close the game, will i come back to a disconnect and lose that game?

I wouldnt care but i need 2 wins from 3 for gold 2


  • Destin8or
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    I believe you will get the game back but no win.... Could be wrong.
  • CarpeDiem
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    edited May 2020
    You should be fine to quit and get the win, game didn't recognise the quit client side but 99% should have server side.
  • JV24601
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    This happened to me once. I shut it down and it had given me the win.
    Good luck
  • Devers
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    Done it.

    Game didnt count.

    Fk these servers
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