PIM ballack!

6822 posts Big Money Move
before tots he was at 2m coins price tag
now he is only 860k (PS4 ) are the new B2B players (Tottfs) really better than him at the same price tag?
he might be my next goal if no . as he has been awesome before now.


  • Turkey_man
    489 posts An Exciting Prospect
    He is brilliant, very underrated. I chose him over PIM Seedorf and Lothar because of his size. Amazing defensively, with shadow he is fast enough. Pure quality on the ball.

    He is more suited to shielding the back 4 than box to box due to his size, low agility and great passing. Also 91 stamina might not be an issue for you but for my box to box mid I need high 90s.

    If you can't afford Gullit then he's probably the next best thing for an icon unless you go smaller frame and Matthäus.
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