Kroos / Thiago / Base Ballack

178 posts Sunday League Hero
Who to choose to partner Witsel in a 4231/4222

Rest of team
Ikone Santi Fekir
Witsel XXX
Sanchez Hummels Varane Emerson


  • czesiek
    536 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Thiago tots
  • SomeNextGuy
    4785 posts Big Money Move
    I actually prefer Kroos, but I reckon you'd benefit more from having a nimble player like Thiago alongside Witsel.
  • HelloDearie
    2624 posts Fans' Favourite
    Kroos for me. Love him and he replaced Thiago for me. Kroos just seems so elegant on the ball depsite having Less dribbling ability than Thiago.
  • Maddez
    248 posts Sunday League Hero
    Kroos has the best passing I‘ve ever seen. And he‘s quite agile with Engine.
  • Used all 3 (all red) I'd recommend Kimmich over the other 2 if you can afford. Otherwise Thiago over Kroos for me
  • WelshXavi
    1144 posts Professional
    Use Thiago and Kroos, much prefer Thiago. He glides past players.
  • MrMTFC
    843 posts Semi-Pro
    Kroos is a let down, got him untradeable and he's nothing special at best. His main attribute really is passing, but with how this game is, passing is all over the place so feels useless to me. I haven't used thiago but every time I faced him he's always been a nightmare to deal with. Think he'd be better next to witsel. No idea on ballack
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