How to Ask AI to Help Cover and Mark to Prevent a 2v1?

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Scenario 1: opponent winger has the ball near the touchline, and there is a player inside as an obvious passing option. I have a fullback and a defensive CM (both high Def WR). If I take control of the full back to close down the winger, my CM will just let the other player find space and receive the pass. If I control the CM to mark the other player, the fullback will just let the winger run past him with the ball.

Scenario 2: opponent full back has the ball and winger is trying to make a clear run. again, I have a defensive CM and a full back. again, if i use the CM to close down, my full back will just let his winger run clear for a through ball. vice-versa. If I follow the winger with my fullback, my CM will simply do nothing.

at times it is really hilarious and frustrating. i could be running back with the CM to try and cover space, and the moment i switch control to the fullback, the CM literally makes a dead stop right in his track!

i don't expect the AI to help me tackle or jockey like past FIFAs, but how do I at least get them to help me mark players, mark space, take up covering positions, etc?

when I try to release my own winger, I do see the opponent's AI controlled fullback tracking back alongside, so it can be done, but how?


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    Am not sure im good at attacking not good at defending i try holding x nearest player run towards the ball and i think its r1 or r2 the other player closes down and runs to the ball so you have 2 players round opponent there tactics can set up use midfielder to cover wing or cover centre i make dm or cm cover centre and rm or rw to come back wen defending there are videos on utube that tell ya and show you how to defend and attack how to use still moves maybe check them out tell ya how to set up your tactics for wot formation ya use there 4 different settings ultra defending and defending attacking and ultra attacking maybe you need to set them up if you haven't i play 4-2-3-1 with 2 holding midfielders find it works really well cos need help defenders but ya need 2 dm with decent tacking and pace cos cd are stupid money for tots and defenders that have pace loads money find it hard to defend against strikers who have loads pace so i try get ball back with dm cos they have pace and good tackling stats can use chemistry style things to add pace and defending shadow think its called adds 10 pace and 10 defending but cost arround 15000 coins most expensive chemistry style wen others can get for 150 coins if look about but your 2 cd need shadow chemistry cost 30000 coins for both unless you buy centre backs with shadow chemistry already on i need to get better at defending too i struggle wen play online cos am playing against people with much better players my centre defenders have 60 pace Maguire and stones has arround 70 pace and attackers if the get past carnt catch em play against attackers with 90 and 95 pace like i sed u need maybe icons defenders or tots they upgraded pace and stats but cost loads coins or do sbc challenges to get them still cost loads coins try setting ur tactics if have not and press left on pad to use them let me know if you find a way to get better at defending
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