How Do They Set Up Their Team Like That

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A number of opponents I played against, their team would be set up like this:

1. when i win the ball back near my area, or when i start to pass my way out (e.g. from a goal kick), their players will be aggressively pressing my player with the ball, and also take up good positions to cut out my possible passing options.

2. when i do manage to pass my way out and into their half, somehow, their players will drop all the way back to either an obvious 2 banks (4 defenders + 3/4 midfielders), or they will crowd round the edge of their penalty area. Furthermore they stand their ground and cover their spaces.

how do they do this? what kind of magical custom tactic allows them to achieve this? How do they do constant pressure + drop back?

how do they even achieve this park-the-bus defence? i tried setting defence to drop-back, depth to 1, width to 1, all 4 defenders and 2 of my CMs (i play 4-3-2-1) to stay back when attacking, and yet i can't achieve such a defensive effort.

i've even purposely selected defenders and the 2 defensive CMs with high defensive WR (Robertson, prime Puyol, prime Nesta, Wan Bissaka, Kante and Ndidi), and yet, they still leave gaps and sometimes it takes a simple triangle pass to pull one of them out of position, and give the opponent striker a free shot on goal.

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