Fifa 21/22 Feedback Project Thread?

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It's probably too late for Fifa 21, but may i please make the suggestion to have a new Feedback Forum section opened on here? Having seen something similar on the WWE 2K20 forum. It would be great for constructive feedback for Fifa 21/22 and would have the following sub-sections:

Career Mode (Player & Manager)
Ultimate Team
Online Seasons
Edit / Create Player
Pro Clubs
New Feature Suggestions
New Game Mode Suggestions
Star Head Wishlist
Stadium Wishlist

I think it will really improve things going forward, and whilst Fifa 20 didn't have as many issues as WWE 2K20, it had far too many issues than it should of, some still not having been addressed!

Here is the WWE 2K20 Feedback Project Thread:

@EA_Rtas @EA_Lanna @EA_DarDar @EA_Cian @EA_GZaro
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