WL vs rivals and SB rewards gold 3 player

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For a gold 3 player at the best if I play almost every game usually gold 3 with around 26 games played
I have one red player in my starting team, and also I am almost never see a team with a lot of reds in it.
So maybe it’s more value to grind Rivals / objectives / SB coin wise or am I wrong
Last week best red pull was Wan-Bissaka this week it was hakimi same position off course , so I was thinking in 30 games I should be able to get elite 2-3 in SB and also grind every objective player without self relegation in rivals


  • Mackie17
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    I couldn't stomach playing that many SBs. Regardless of potential profit
  • greif44
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    Even if you`re G3 player at the best, why still not play it? It`s less stressful than Rivals imo, also you get 400 points for every game so one WL can secure you Rank 3 in Rivals saving you a lot of time and basically you get double rewards apart from red picks.
    SB are just boring to play imo, it`s much more fun to play vs human opponent.

    Reds are pure luck but during TOTS usually they pay off.
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