Most Disappointing TOTS Cards So Far...

For me its Havertz, TAA


  • Mackie17
    8565 posts League Winner
    Seconded on havertz, not impressed at all.
  • Neil_14
    2344 posts Fans' Favourite
    Havertz has been poor for me j mentioned this before also, his BD card is far superior.
  • Amargaladaster26
    10717 posts Has That Special Something
    Wow, wanted to pick up Kai, loved his BD card.

    For me, from those I tried, Reus, did not feel different from his NIF for me. Pleasant surprise was Busquets.
  • LoPo9
    1228 posts Professional
    Richarlison for me
  • V l u m s d e n
    2369 posts Fans' Favourite
    Ndidi, even though he was easy to get I really thought he would’ve been a lot better but overall he’s very poor! His standard card was amazing but I’m lost for words with this 91 card of his.
  • Gstitt10
    1511 posts Play-Off Hero
    Alisson for obvious reasons, might aswell used his gold card.
    Untradeable santi cazorla and odegaard. Pretty poor, too weak
  • Wooly1203
    3440 posts National Call-Up
    Santi was the biggest disappointment for me
  • Delvinho
    2376 posts Fans' Favourite
    Robertson. Got him untradeable from the BPL and thought brilliant. TOTSSF Clichy has replaced him and feels far superior despite the stat Difference
  • Mogga
    2835 posts National Call-Up
    Still havent recovered from having Dean Henderson as my guaranteed and he is completely useless as well, dont think he has ever made a save.

    In terms of the better ones , giovinco is too weak and that djilson (sp) was so bad he lasted about 15 mins before he was submitted into an SBC
  • Brunjes_FC
    768 posts Semi-Pro
    LoPo9 wrote: »
    Richarlison for me

    Absolute god level for me. 14 goals in 5 weekend league games so far this weekend.

    Mine is Fekir. Got him in champ rewards. Tried him as a sub a number of times. Doesn’t seem to play like a 96 rated card.

  • dark_galaxy20
    237 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited May 2020
    mine were ,richarlison, muller quite good i think
  • Lackosweat
    9518 posts League Winner
    Richarlison. An absolute fraud.
  • BondJame5Collins
    2716 posts Fans' Favourite
  • Boysie91
    13806 posts World Class
    Richarlson doesn't live up to his stats at all.
  • Amargaladaster26
    10717 posts Has That Special Something
    Actually yeah, Richarlison for me too :joy: He was so bad I already forgot I have his TOTS untradeable.
  • Colt_seevers
    1624 posts Play-Off Hero
    Aguero. Shouldn’t be but just is
  • BondJame5Collins
    2716 posts Fans' Favourite
    So basically, they are all trash.
  • GeTRiGhT
    13056 posts Has That Special Something
    So basically, they are all trash.

    Someone already said it and it make sense. If there NIF wasn't already impressive then their TOTS likely won't be
  • PoliteRager
    92 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Avila. Latest player in the La Liga SBC.

    Never have stats been so inaccurate. Powerful left foot is his only saving grace.
  • Theomanny
    2577 posts National Call-Up
    Moment jota. Trash
  • D0lvl
    4496 posts National Call-Up
    Tots cards = base gold card in stats boosted disguise.

    If the NIF gold is usable then tots will be too. If NIF of the tots card is trash it will play like that as well.

    In the end icons>toty>tots
  • Delboy13710
    9773 posts League Winner
    Robertson for me so bad I SBC him twice (packed him Red/Blue )
  • oldboiler
    4776 posts National Call-Up
    Robertson is average. Objective Thuram has to be the worst TOTS card by miles
  • OZero
    7470 posts League Winner
    Strange. Base on price trend Richarlison should be fine. All the other EPL cards dropped hard but he even got a little increase.
  • NinthFall
    2567 posts National Call-Up
    Alisson 100%
  • SomeNextGuy
    4785 posts Big Money Move
    Richarlison is smashing them in for me lately. Took a while to get the best out of him, but as the striker in a 4-3-2-1 he seems to shine.
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