Draft on pc

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So I tried the draft, now EA are giving away tokens, so why not give it a try. First of all just to get into a game is near impossible.
I had 5 people backing out just before kick-off.
I manage to win 3 games and in the final I come up against a pretty poor team with no chemistry, we play for 2 seconds and he is gone.
Now this time I get the loss !!! and can go collect my price-ball for 3 wins.
EA you need to put a stop to this cheating, its making draft unplayable.
While I'm at it, take a look at squad battles requirements for elite 1, 93000 points !!! So squad battles is also unfair and full of cheaters.
I guess I don't have to mention Rivals with all the self-relegators.
Plenty of work for EA to get into
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