How to keep CBs in position

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I give up more goals because somehow my cbs leave inexcusably wide spaces At the worst times. Often I am tracking a fast winger w my cdm as the winger runs to the middle of the box from the right or left wing....its too iffy to try to switch to cb as the swtiching is often unreliable — cbs do the worst things footballwise — like tracking a player w out the ball or running the opposite way. I have Sbc boateng, FB Hernández & Mukiele- interchangeable...chemistry w rb & lb perfect w davies & hakimi...

I used tactics press after heavy touch, changed to basic, 3 depth and width now..still find the cbs can be 3rd division decision wise... any way to improve this?

Also, how is it opps block so many of my damn shots w their cbs??
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