Team for 150k, **newbie alert**

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I downloaded the game in the end, chucked a few quid on, did some SBCs & ended up with about 150k & TOTS Hakimi untradeable. So is it a cheap sweat team or a bit of a hybrid with Super league or liga Now players?

I haven't played for a few years so trying to learn the game again, not too much trouble scoring but defending is a nightmare & really struggle to get the ball back 😂


  • eyedea
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    I started playing when the bpl tots started. I had 100k, but nif Agüero untradebale. I built a team around tots Moussa Dembele. With the likes of ousmane dembele, semedo, lenglet and militao I easily managed to get g2 every time.

    My suggestion is basically buy cheap pacey nif defenders and one great striker.
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Grind for Sabitzer and Dilrosun if you’ve got the time before they end.
  • burken
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    Nealguides has great YouTube videos about building a 100-150k team! He’s been helping me a lot through his videos.
  • Mackie17
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    Best advice is grind for all the objective cards. Maybe grind for 6 swap cards for Litmanen?
  • SimenHP
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    I would trade a little bit to atleast 300k to get a "okay" team. But this is the best I could think of in your price range. Play it 41212 with Guerreiro as LCM

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