Career mode as a player has a major bug

posts Ball Boy
Hi, I know that not many people play career mode as a player, but I do it since it is possible.

When I got FIFA 20 day one I was expecting it to be as good as last year, but I thought that the major bugs were going to be fixed, which they didn't.

The bug is experienced on a PS4 version of the game and it's happening since day one, I start my career and everything's fine until I have to play a big tournament with my national team (confederations cup or world cup).

When the day arrives the national team publish their players list and there I am, I get the email telling me about the players from the club that will leave to play with their national teams and I'm there too, but when the time comes, THE GAME DOESN'T EVEN SHOW THE MATCHES ON THE CALENDAR BUT THEY SHOW THE NEWS ABOUT IT AND I EVEN SCORE GOALS!!!! GOALSSSS!!!

This is the kind of experience that totally ruins it for me, so probably this year I'll completely move to NBA 2K and PES, this sucks.
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