Twitch pack

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I'm going around in circles click link accounts while signed in to twotch and EA and authorise then takes me back to say link account and around I go again?


  • YidArmy
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    The May pack isn't released yet. When you actually click on May its says something like 'pack details released late spring / early summer. It'll be available in the next few days I imagine.
  • Enigmatic
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    If you click on it there are already some Info's.


    Should be released in the next des days.

    Translated from german:

    - 82+ Player Pick
    - 4 Rare Gold Players
    - 1 loan TOTSSF Player
  • Grahammbe2
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    Thanks guys it was my error I seen 21st may thought it was out today then was trying to light in with wrong password
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