Would this team be competitive?

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I've always wanted an Italian Icons team, and can afford to do it now, all PIMs unless specified

It'd be -
Zambrotta 89 - Nesta - Cannavaro - Maldini 88
Gattuso - Pirlo (or maybe De Rossi when he's released)
Zola - Baggio
Del Piero - Vieri

Only issue is I know some of these players aren't the best around at this stage, and very few are considered meta. However, people also seem to think Icons outperform regular players.

Would I be able to compete against the overpowered TOTS players with seemingly all 99s in everything with this team, or am I better following the herd?


  • GK93
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    If you enjoy it, use it, in 6 months this game will be irrelevant
  • MayneNL
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    Yeah but maybe use some non icons italians too like: TOTS Giovinco, Immobile, FS Tonali, FB Ogbonna, Insigne etc
  • CosmicFuzz
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    I compete with an Eredivisie team, play with the players you want to use
  • alvchong
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    Is based on your skill. Even a 100% link rare gold team also competitive. just play the game and enjoy. The only part we are suffering now is EA give us objectives like crosses, heading, assists... all this definitely kill the enjoyment with the team you like and most likely u forgot how to play with the style you like with the player u like in real life.
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