TOTSSF pulls

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Hope everyone is well in these weird times. Which TOTSSF players have you managed to get so far? I did the Icardi SBC, packed Muslera in goals, packed Kroos and sold him to get Godin and couldn't resist the atomic ant Giovinco. Also, the icon picks in Draft have went crazy. I got 9 in one draft yesterday. 193 rated team!


  • Gingerboaby83
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    I’ve done quite well getting Griezmann and gnabry. Hopefully the luck is in when serie a comes out, don’t know it that’s this Friday or ligue 1
  • ChappellRovers
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    Untradeable: Godde, Ihiekwe, Williams, Thiago, Leiva, Visca who all went into sbcs. Rashford, Suarez, Trippier, Diaz who went into my team.

    Tradeable: Erkin who i put into a sbc and Haland who i sold for 1.5 million.

    Got Haland from a premium mixed players pack somehow.
  • CoachGreg66
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    Tots packed
    Untradeables; ihiekwe, dabo, Williams, muselera, donk, santi cazorla, hakimi, Ruben Dias
    Tradeable: Muselera x 2, donk, eze, godde
  • Gingerboaby83
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    Could do with a couple of pulls when Serie a comes. Is it today or is it ligue 1?
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