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when you change totw team because of that every time we get totw players instead of tots
You guys totally ruined fifa 20 in Nintendo switch
If you can't help us
Then simple shut down game for Nintendo switch
Maybe you have not that much user that you have on Xbox, PlayStation and PC so you get less MONEY than them
that's why you providing poor service????


  • Rotorooter
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    This better not be the one guy around here that they listen to!! They have stopped changing team of the week on all platforms for now. Incase you missed it, there had been no live sport for the last 2 months!
  • Gingerboaby83
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    Most of us don’t want them to cancel fifa on the switch. We’ve had no news if fifa 21 is coming but 99% of us will buy it day 1 if not in the first week. Compared to last year this game has been such an improvement content wise and for me all the rating were very harsh. If they could just add player picks and league sbcs the game would be almost perfect for me. Sure would like rewards like console but we know the switch can’t deal with what Xbox and PlayStation can.

    Totw was cancelled due to covid-19. Sure console get totw moments but switch has not had any moments this year. It’s not ea’s fault this happened.

  • Hitzzz
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    I know totw cancelled but we stuck on totw26
    After that there are 3 totw released in Xbox n PlayStation but not in Nintendo switch
  • BetoBens
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    This situation was awful and painful for Nintendo Switch users. Apparently, we are second-level citizens.
  • mikepg
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    Haven’t seen an EA employee on the Switch forum in forever it seems
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