I came across this poll on reddit. Weekend League delay experience.

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As of now, based on the WL experience of more than 600 users:

Very smooth, no delay


Slight delay, a bit sluggish

Very delayed and sluggish


That means around 66% experience a form of delay while playing the WL. How is this acceptable EA?


  • Paquetesousa
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    This is acceptable because there are still a lot of dumbasses that buy Fifa points every time a new shiny card comes out...

    This community is generally dumb and EA takes advantage
  • joehuk
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    Sadly 600 people is a drop in the ocean of the player base of FIFA.

    EA don't care about 600people at the end of the day theres millions that keep playing their game everyday.

    No survey, no in-game stats will make them improve their netcode, servers, routing what ever the issue is as long as lightning rounds keep selling out within mins and people keep logging in even if it's menu gameplay.

    I've come to think maybe they just don't know how to resolve the issue to make it so the game is playable for majority of the player base with varied connections etc.

    I would love to see the difference in gameplay if somehow the game detected type of internet wireless, wired and matched accordingly

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