Lost 2 games last 2 days

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To toxic players with 10 attack.
To the rest I've beaten or drew thank you for some really good games you restored my faith


  • Liamalone
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    You played two games then?
  • GrasuXXL
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    Lol. I lost my last 8 games in wl
  • Grahammbe2
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    Liamalone wrote: »
    You played two games then?

    Lol no did well considering did win a game friday
  • Chavez76
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    i'd prefer any game versus '10 attack' instead of '10 defend' .
    So, you;re saying yo enjoy the games you win or draw and only loose to toxic players?
  • Grahammbe2
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    No I enjoy games where people play football pass etc not 10 upfront or 10 deffenders
  • Stav93
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    Wait. Are you calling people who play aggressive attacking football toxic? Lol what a weird take 😅
  • Fifapayne
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    No one has 10 up front
    You’re mistaken
    And 10 upfront would be more fun that 10 back
  • Sean123_
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    Let’s be honest it’s awesome playing someone with 10 attackers.. makes a nice change to the Drop back 1 depth people who usually play.
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