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Hello chaps ,

Nearly completed sabitzer objective . That long shock task was an absolute nightmare .
Looking for reviews on anyone that’s used him ? I’m looking to play him behind Werner at CAM I’ve previously been playing lewandowski 94 . What do we think guys


  • Tasch
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    I like him, used an engine on him to boost agility and pace. Rocket of a shot, moves into the right positions. Use him as a cam behind Werner. Downside is he feels a little clunky at times. Tried him at cm, but he works better at cam, imo.
  • Quase
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    edited May 2020
    I had his Scream version for long time and he was very good. I had a hard time to replace him and came back often. I finally sold him when TOTS started.
    Now his TOTS seems better than the Scream version in most specs so I expect a lot of this card. If you compare it with Moments Goretzka he is nearly identical on paper. Sabitzer is H/H though with slightly better passing, defense and physicality, but has slightly lower pace and shooting (both on anchor chemistry). The difference is marginal, but the size between them two differs drastically, Sabitzer seems more like Kimmich in that aspect.

    Just finished the objective, maybe I can give some impressions on the card tomorrow after playing a few games.
  • GLAN12
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    Cheers pal . That would be good
  • jonkero
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    Just got him but he'll be only sbc fodder I'm afraid, unless I pack some green links to him in reds. Stats seem great
  • Tboon
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    Any more reviews yet? :)
  • abhreebhu_45
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    I wld love him, but my squad is already loaded with those german flags
  • Supermario911
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  • El_Burn
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    Loved his NIF and his scream card. He'll be going straight into my team once I complete the last objective.
  • Hunger999
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    He’s good. Definitely not a cam though. Weird comment from guy above when so many better players than him at cam but Cm or cdm he’s solid.
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