Training stamina at bronze only

Dear EA Sports, please can you explain why you can only train Stamina at bronze level in manager career mode? Does stamina increase with player age instead? Please can you explain?

Scouting youth players, training them as part of club objectives is useless if young player stamina is very low and cannot be trained effectively at gold/adept level. Please explain

Thank you


  • Steffolovitch
    276 posts Sunday League Hero
    I agree, it's not easy to train stamina, and in the meantime it's probably one of the most important stats.

    How do you scout your youth players? I always scout them to be "physically strong", which usually give me players with decent stats in pace, stamina and aggression. It does give me an overload in centerbacks, full backs and central midfielders, but it really helps with the stamina part.
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