FIFA Gameplay, Belgian League SBC & Other Issues / Feedback

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I have just played division rivals for the past three hours and the game play was the worst I have ever seen. The lag was incredible, I would like you to review the footage from my account and identify what is happening and why customers are putting up with sub-gameplay. It’s simply disgusting and I am past the point of no return now.

I can supply game account details when required.

I would like to escalate the issue to someone within development or within the hierarchy within EA and get a meaningful response on this. Alternatively I will escalate the issue within social media and the relevant gaming ombudsman as customers do not receive any pertinent feedback from EA and I feel this should be addressed.

Beyond the issues I have had today with the lag, Marco Reus among many others cannot pass a ball to another player on my team and looks like a Sunday league player, he is one of the best German players around and the gameplay is awful if he can’t find a teammate ten yards away, this happened in numerous games.

Also, with the Belgian League SBC, I submitted all of the teams bar Oostende, I have the criteria for that team bar one player - I am yet to be compensated and have no idea if the SBC is coming back - I hope so as otherwise I have submitted over 150 players which I wouldn’t have ordinarily done so. Also, the players for Oostende are massively decreased and I trust you will compensate players who have bought players at a high price which are no longer required.

Beyond this when doing league objectives and specifically adding players to the league or team, this works well on an iPad only as it automatically picks up the team you are doing the SBC for, this doesn’t occur when using an iPhone or via a console.

When roaming through your squad you should be able to identify which players are untradeable more easier rather than use filters something distinguishable on the card itself.

You can’t search for rare or common cards or specific special cards which surely should be remedied.

It would be good to be able to mark players / cards with a (K) to keep players (not sell) I currently have over 1500 players and when doing a daily SBC it’s a bit of lottery whether I am using players I would prefer to keep for a league SBC or other reason.

Re. Online games you should be able to have different options of game times, ie. 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 mins games

Variants of gameplay / current state of play could be as follows:- first goal wins mode, etc.

If someone quits when the game is level, the opponent should get the win as default.

Promotion or Relegation should only be once a week - rather than players self relegating continuously which is an abuse of the game and unfair OR objectives could be via random Friendlies but someone in the same division as you.

The lobbed through pass objective is ridiculous and so difficult to do and encourages abuse of relegation as you also need to win the game. Rather than a specific type of assist or goal, increase the assists or goals required - which is what occurred with the score 10 goals with Argentina players for the Acuna card. It took me 3 hours to score one header with Osmihen earlier this year which is ridiculous.

In terms of special cards. There are hundreds of players - please don’t choose Messi, Ben Yedder etc so regularly, please mix it up more.

Make walkouts more obvious so people will know that they will be getting a walkout as it’s currently not that obvious. The champions league, sudamericana and liberatores cards should be a walkout only if rated 83 or above.

You should be able to see one replay in full only and any other footage that wants to be seen can be viewed at half time or at the end of the game.

It should be obvious what substitutions take place by the opponent as these go under the radar.

There should be a way of feeding back about the player you have played immediately after the game, however, until EA prevent players from wasting time and mutliple non substitutions, annoying players with stupid celebrations deliberately this will continue. If you play depth one and your playing with less possession this should impact on that teams composure as they are having the ball less and less accustomed to using it.

For the mental health of your community and caring about your customers, I request some pertinent feedback and an avenue where customers can hear from EA regularly.

I hope my frustrating afternoon can at least come to some good. I trust I will receive a reply in the next 3 working days.


  • chris7
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    nice relevant post with some great points !!
    complete waste of time putting it on here unfortunately : i have no idea why it's classed as a EA forum because there is literally nothing at all that can be fixed via this forum !!

    the only thing it is useful for is some great tips on players and how the servers are playing at a certain time !!!

  • Stewuk73
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    You could well be right - fingers crossed. Day 1 completed - two days until I look for a further response from EA.
  • Montie1982
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    It's have seen FIFA go in this direction this game is no longer a fun game to play it's a hardcore skilled investment and if Ur not willing to put Ur money into a pay to win system your going to get put in Ur place and it's sad to think EA find this exceptable it's scary to even think wot kind of money people are putting into this game just to win. I'm a casual player I play for fun this seems like a competitive skilled investment. Not a video game.
  • Stewuk73
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    You could well be right - fingers crossed. Day 1 completed - two days until I look for a further response from EA.
  • RadioShaq
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    If you want someone to help you with your connection. Best to click on bugs and technical issues here. Will take you to the ea answer forums. Where you can read the connection faq and contact an advisor if you still need too.
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