Shocked at how bad the gameplay has become

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Elite 2/3 player all year.
Was working towards elite 1.
Cannot physically believe how much the game has changed since the mysterious 4.9 gb update.
It is legit driving me crazy with the responsiveness.

Luckily I traded hard this year and haven’t spent much for 20+ mill TP but I still feel completely conned with the money I have spent given how embarrassing the game play is right now.

Left stick precision dribbling is completely dead, no acknowledgement from EA which just leads people to think they’re controller is broke or they’re internet is poor 😂 I am exasperated, if the game felt like this during the free trial no one would buy the game!!


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    You can't "physically believe" anything. Belief is mental.
    PompeyPete wrote: »
    I am exasperated, if the game felt like this during the free trial no one would buy the game!!

    You're kidding, right?

    If the box had a sticker over the number 20 that said "21" it would sell just as many copies as it ever.

    People don't buy FIFA to play a quality product. They buy it because it's what they do. Playing FIFA is part of their identity. Every year, they know what they're getting. They know that the new version of a game that makes over a billion dollars a year will look like it's had ten hours of development put into it and will have next to no new features. They know that the only rewards they can ever get are more cards to help them play to get more cards.

    They know there won't be any new modes, new tournaments, no major gameplay changes, and any overhauls will be visual, rather than functional. Such as the "new" squad screen in FIFA 20, that legitimately could have been put together in a week by a single good developer. Or the squad battles "overhaul" that (and I say this as a software developer) could have implemented in a single day, by one person, before being fired over for testing.

    But everyone "jUsT lOvEs fOoTbAlL sO mUcH!!!" that they'll go ahead and buy it anyway, regardless of all the negatives. They don't give a damn about how it plays. Complaining on forums and on Reddit about how unfair and broken everything is has become part of the game itself.
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