How do you handle tactics in pro club?

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We play 2 players, one in midfield the other is a forward. Or two in midfield. Rest are bots. But they are slow. They do bad passing or simply too late. They always lose every ball, even to other bots. We have played like 65 matches and Ive never seen our bots win a one on one, no matter if its against a human or a bot. We dont use Any. We dont use in game tactics. The bots dont shoot even if they have decent chance, they rather mke a bad pass. Suddenly they cross tha ball to the other side, even when both humans are this side... Just strange behaviour from the bots... How can you make them play professionaly? Me and my mate are pretty much maxed out on skill points, we are both lvl 87.


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    Use an is a MUST.
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    in game set your bar to defend. Ultra defend is too far back.
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