Really sick of this

508 posts An Exciting Prospect
4 3 down 84th min but on top guy quits rather than giving me chance then I get deducted points.
If it's not that they quit when you go one up
No chance of doing objectives


  • munchie63
    3461 posts National Call-Up're saying your oppo quits in the 84th Min when THEY are winning ?
  • Kingyyy01
    235 posts Sunday League Hero
    Most likely a dc
  • Grahammbe2
    508 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Yep crazy but I really got on top and had hit post a few times then he quit
  • Chavez76
    6097 posts Big Money Move
    mate you had 6 minutes to play and were down agoal.. not too much chance you would have won.
    Most likely the guy had a real disconnect, as why should he quit being up and 6 mins to go .
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