TOTS Saul reviews

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Any reviews on TOTS Saul?


  • ASX
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    Very good card.

    Just got him to finally upgrade over FUTmas Acuna who I was using at CM as a box to box midfielder.

    Hes a brilliant box to box midfielder, classy on the ball, great passing and has a good shot on him too.

    I definitely noticed the drop in aggression he has over Acuna though but he makes up for it by being overall a much better player.
  • Mantic
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    Nothing special. Does the job tho
  • V l u m s d e n
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    Amazing card! He’s so well rounded and his height is very good with his work rates. If you can afford to do him I would definitely get him done. Vidal isn’t even close to Saul I’m my opinion and experience of using them.
  • PaulDr
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    He is doing great for me with shadow as a rb.
  • Dolly_2006_
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    Better than Henderson?
  • Champs85
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    Is he better than HL Naingolan?
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