Do you relegate for objectives?

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Are you relegating in Rivals for easy objectives lads? The poll is anonymous, so no one will know, please answer truthfully.

Do you relegate for objectives? 239 votes

I do relegate for easy objectives!
18% 45 votes
I never relegate!
63% 151 votes
17% 43 votes


  • number7rocky
    9627 posts League Winner
    I didn't do it until about 4 weeks ago, wish I did it sooner
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    16674 posts World Class
    Not on purpose.
  • Retro_G
    33023 posts National Team Captain
    52 views, only 16 votes? What are you ashamed you relegate lads? It's a simple yes/no answer, nobody will know if you relegate as the poll is anonymous.
  • mr_flibble
    803 posts Semi-Pro
    I got promoted doing objectives. Went from 6 to 4 doing the current ones. As soon as I finished I lost 6 in a row to drop back to 5.

    Obviously my team is better with nif inaki Williams and nif Rorigo than mbappe and neymar.
    450 posts Sunday League Hero
    I mean, I ended up getting relegated while doing the objectives and losing consecutive matches
  • CustardHippo
    3284 posts National Call-Up
    Other - being I’m now Div8 but started I’m Div5 simply by playing and trying to do the objectives but losing so many in the process. Still losing in Div8.
  • SomeNextGuy
    4785 posts Big Money Move
    If I ever did objectives, then I probably would at this point.

    May or may not do the Spanish LB though, looks decent.
  • Retro_G
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    WLB_SENA wrote: »
    I mean, I ended up getting relegated while doing the objectives and losing consecutive matches

    Just put other if you got relegated, but it wasn't on purpose.
  • Stone_cold_tea93
    3647 posts National Call-Up
    I did when the second half of Swap 2 Icon objectives dropped.
  • Clancy
    8484 posts League Winner
    I don't bother with these objectives anymore. Even the SBC ones, it's more games than it's worth for just fodder

    If there's a card I want to use I'll do o , but none have looked like a card I can't miss. Last one I did was Bellarabi I think
  • greif44
    6117 posts Big Money Move
    Swaps 1 was enough grinding. I do only ones that I can complete with normal squad by just playing the game. I think the only players from objectives in Rivals that I got were Tagliafico and Orsic
  • HyperOCD
    1918 posts Fans' Favourite
    Im a div 2 player and now at 6
    Finished reguilon in 8 games
    Finished swaps

    Not worth the hassle in div2
    The rewards not that different
  • Pocketsquareguy
    8017 posts League Winner
    I mean I do. It just isn’t on purpose.
  • Ishibum
    15305 posts World Class
    I mean I do. It just isn’t on purpose.

    This sums me up. While facing folk who have relegated from higher divs is annoying, it's understandable. They should never have put in these objectives into rivals to begin with.
  • TW1103
    4521 posts National Call-Up
    Never on purpose
  • Dmb75
    1042 posts Professional
    edited May 2020
    I relegate every single week for easy wins because this game is so terrible. WL is stressful enough.
  • GoodnightIrene
    4195 posts National Call-Up
    I relegate for objectives, I love flexing and dabbing in Division 9.
  • ArsleWenger
    1316 posts Professional
    No, same reason I didn’t go to classes in 3rd grade while I were in high school.
  • IncredibleK
    249 posts Sunday League Hero
    Nope,would never do it deliberately. Dropped as low as 7 while doing tougher objectives, but actually got promoted to 4 for the first time finishing Swaps last weekend. You don't get better playing worse players
  • Matt_Cornwall
    3952 posts National Call-Up
    Stopped playing early march. Just no enjoyment from gameplay and hadn't packed a decent card all year. Just popped back at tots to do some sbc's but won't be going anywhere near rivals
  • uhMaZiiNq
    12116 posts Has That Special Something
    Swear people relegate just for easier games lol the teams and people im playing in D7 are ridiculous
  • TheTataGuy
    3888 posts National Call-Up
    I've relegated myself during swaps, not ashamed at all, put the blame on EA for having objective in rivals, also rewards in div 1 are a joke, not worth it at all to grind it out in div 1, or even in 2.. It litteraly takes 3,4 maybe 5 times longer, I just relegate myself to div 4/5 and just play till I end back in div 1 and just stay there.
  • Royalwhite
    996 posts Professional
    Never cared about objectives
    726 posts Semi-Pro
    I continue with them in division one
  • Chogau1
    584 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Cant relegate from 0 rating
  • BernaLeo87
    626 posts An Exciting Prospect
    SharpEnds wrote: »
    I get relegated during objectives.

  • Mercenary
    635 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Proud relegator. Don't give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ what anyone thinks. After all, it's a broken video game with a toxic community.
  • gizzzzy
    748 posts Semi-Pro
    I do for really long objectives like swaps, did it for Politano aswell. If the game was more enjoyable I would probably not.

  • libertao
    2105 posts Fans' Favourite
    Not until this latest one. I'm trying to save up 23 tokens before the game is over, and after three high-scoring draws with last-minute tying goals in a row, I was broken.
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