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i know there is a lot of bad things with the servers and general gameplay at the minute which is making most games feels real struggle but i am genuinely stunned how bad my players are shooting . they are missing every finesse shot possible ?? could there be a problem . it feels like it's switched to manual shooting but i checked all settings etc . finishing was always one of the best bits about my game .

anyone else really suffering from this at the minute ???


  • tyson010602
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    hadnt played this game for 7 months due to me starting to hate the game because of the way it is , so thought id have a bit of a break,played it for first time today and its exactly the same , i aint got a bad team got butra , luis hernandez and hugo sanchez up top and neither of them can run in behind due to the comp chasing them back all the while , my passing is awful with players facing the wrong way most the time, cant tackle the oppo , whilst theyre running at me like a bull knocking me down without a foul ...time fora break for good methinks
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