Laggy game- what do you bring to the table?

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A little survey since im curious,

Since basically everyone complains at lags, freezes and well, many other things.
What is your network speed X/Mbit/s?
Do you play using Wifi or cable
and whats your avarage MS and if possible Jitter? (Package losses)

Avarage 75/10 mbit/s when doing a network test at my ps4pro.

Avarage 10-25 ms
Jitter 1

Thanks in advance!
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  • CosmicFuzz
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    Wired, 56 down, 24 up, 30ms ping (50 in game) 3ms jitter
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    And i still experiencing problems with those numbers
  • samb96
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    Wired. 70 down 15 up. Get around 18ms on Speedtest over Wi-fi do wired will he even better. Yet unless I play after 9pm every game is a delay ❤️❤️❤️❤️ show.
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