Pack luck and Fifa points

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Anyone else seem to think pack luck and odds really does tie into if you’ve bought and are opening packs with Fifa points? Have not spent a penny till today on packs and honestly my luck was rubbish havnt packed anyone good all year. I decided to buy 4600 points today to see if I could get anyone good first pack I open a rare players pack boom tots Griezmann pops up. I’m 100% convinced that would never happen if it was a division rivals or weekend league reward pack. Honestly seems rigged.


  • number5
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    It's up and down for me but I can say with certainty that my all time best pack pulls have always been with purchased fifa points. I've bought about 150$ worth of FP this year, my best pulls from that were TOTSSF carvajal and FB Hazard back in April. These were the best pulls I've had in years, I've never even sniffed a million coins in years last, but I also didn't buy FP.
    A close second is pack rewards from SBC's. Usually I get decent untradeable pulls there.
  • lastfifa
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    I started fut 15 and spended something about 2k on points as i was long time at home after leg operation. I think they calculated my pack addiction and spending behavior. Now they throw crap packs at my account and try to snap my back to start spending again... not gonna happen.
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