Is this possible?

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try to play VS bronze team in squad battle and choose Legendary level you will find the bronze team run like it is final game run everywhere very fast and they tackle very well and even with low Strength they will win the ball and it is logical because you know that ea will rise the AI and ea told you that.

however in online mode it must be every players in the same condition but you will find something strange for example NEYMAR Strength is 49 but in the game sometimes he become stronger than BOATENG and his Strength 99.

why I said that when I start use TOTSSF players I was in div 2 I have fast players like AUBAMEYANG 96 pace 99 Vardy 95 pace 99 and they have great stats in balance ans agility Except AUBAMEYANG his agility 81 and with engine card become 91 they were slower than any CB heavy to move and sluggish and now in div 5.

it is very similar to what happens in off line Legendary level.

When we see things this way it will explain to us why the opponent is sometimes faster and his players like legends even if he uses mid-level players.


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    It’s not always about pace, using your players better.. you can run so much till end of the field but you still have to face defenders..

    Ex. I was using gold kimmich RB for the longest time with 74 pace and he was a beast shutting down attacks, he used to stop mane, same or anyone you would think should beat him, my opponents used to attack only his side thinking he’s the weak link but no one could get by him.. the states will perform so much on paper but physics of the game just like real life will play a bigger part.

    There are few cards that are game changers due to their stats and they are obvious superstars but the rest is pack sellers for EA.

    Legendary bronze Teams in SB will have boosted stats by AI as per EA. You think you can score a screamer with a 48 rated keeper playing in ST position.. or winning a header against your VVD or ramos.
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