Do not play rivals when there is players Objectives

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I noticed that if play rivals when there is player Objectives you have to make your squad for that do not play with the main squad you will loss I just play with someone in div 5 use ASPAS no one use him even when the game started but he become beast and my CB open the area for him I even could not control my team and if I tackle no register or the ball will jump to the only one in his team mate in the area and the A.I make my players like bronze

I play with balance custom tactic but my team looks sometimes drop back and some times like all attack I think (Ea decide it )

I was play in div 1 with lower rated team than I have and lower stats and I play VS team more stronger than these teams


  • d3b4s1s
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    I know what you’re saying and it’s frustrating but there’s always some or the other player objective, so we’d never play any rivals
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