Gift me a financial takeover please

17 posts Ball Boy

Lockdown is getting me down
Hoping someone can help with that. Would like to do a road to glory or long career and need a financial takeover gifted to me on PS4
Would someone be so kind ? If there’s someone that doesn’t play offline? Then they wouldn’t use half the stuff in the catalogue


  • Steffolovitch
    271 posts Sunday League Hero
    I'm curious. Why would you need a financial takeover, if you plan to do a long RTG career?
    Isn't it just a shortcut to create an out-of-this-world-impressive-team way too fast?

    In my opinion you should do your career without this cheat.
    It adds to the realism and longevity of the game that you build it up more slowly.
    Besides, I always end up with more cash than I can spend, and quickly so...
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