Kit glitch

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Does anyone else have that glitch with white Vs white when someone uses the Ramadan kit... Just lost a wl league game because I couldn't see who was on my team, chears EA.


  • chris7
    19 posts Last Pick at the Park
    yeh happened twice to me so i moved onto brazil kit to be safe
  • ha032742
    38047 posts Moderator
    Yes it’s glitched unfortunately and has been fed back to EA.
  • Vezzo
    1207 posts Professional
    Same thing with Man City retro kit. There were (good all times) when things were actually tested before being put ingame.
  • HRI_7867
    1 posts Ball Boy
    Yes this happened to me, with my white kit, the opponents get the same kit, kinda fuming cause i lost 3 games. Bruv I want a compensation. I talked to an ea employee and they don’t help with anything.
  • ckup
    1 posts Ball Boy
    I get this EVERY DAY. Which ends up with loss. How can you even follow the game if you have a white kit playing against another white kit? This SHOULD NOT be really hard to manage EA?
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