EA tag me as a ELITE / PRO player

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I know this sound like a conspiracy theory but please EA, how on God's earth can you tell me that my connection is sh*t and other players is great? Go to your code and tag.my username as a PRO / YOUTUBER or SUGARDADDY (purchased a lot of fifa points) status so I can have a decent gameplay!!!

I pay for top broadband connection 1Gbps, that's 120MB/s EA if you didn't knew that! And upload is half that speed. How can EACH game (EACH!!!!!!!!) my game freezes for 2-3 seconds, time in which I either concede, either I loose a good chance to score. And NOT just once per game, but multiple times, while my opponent is just playing like it's a bloody single player kick off game.

How can I get disconnected at half time, while I wait for the other player to resume game and even if it's a draw or win for me I still get a loss, because of me disconnecting. REALLY??? REALLY?????

Romania is in top 3 at broadband connection and infrastructure ij the world, that's why this bloody game is developed here, in our country (IT geniuses too) .... How come this sh*t happens even when I play against a player that's 2 KM away...HOW COME????

It's not your servers, they are just fine... You just put sh*tty script or I don't know what to players that don't buy your god damn fifa points or don't advertise your game.

How come "pro" youtube players that advertise fifa and kiss EA's ❤️❤️❤️❤️ have perfect connection each match? How come their game doesn't freeze or disconnect and how come they get 30 wins every WL??? Yes... Compare that cr*p Virgin Media 100mbps internet speed they have in UK with ten times better speed a lot of europeans have, but still they have better and smoother gameplay.

This is pure filth from you EA, I don't care if anyone from this company sees it... You won't do sh*t, players will still play, buy the game and so on... Even the moderators here... I think they do this job pro bono.. just to look cool on social media and post something from time to time so they look alive

Good job EA!!! YOU managed to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me off!! And this comes from a guy that never forfeited a game even when I was down 3-0 in the 10th minute.


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