Henderson is incredible

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I have tots Vardy, Mahrez, Alisson, and Henderson. He is by far the standout player of the bunch. Mahrez has been average. Vardy is good at times, but I find him awkward in a 1 striker formation - maybe it is my play style. Alisson has been great and I expected him to suck due to all of the hate on the forum about his card.


  • The_Faries_76
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    Have to agree.
    My midfield used to have moments vidal and prime Keane.
    I packed Henderson in one of those storyline UT packs, and was sceptical if he was replace either of the two mentioned above, but 5 games later he's in Vidals out.

    I also bought Vardy, and he hasn't scored yet!
  • alvchong
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    Henderson is everywhere... not meta, but he can do everthing....
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