Lol What a Pull

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So I’ve been rinsing the club all day. I managed to pull 3 88s last night in the 82+ packs, but no luck today. In the last 5 upgrade packs (probably opened 30), I’ve gotten Jordan Henderson and Allison. I did a gold upgrade pack (11 non-rare golds for 2 rares) and pulled Mahrez! It is crazy how the EPL exclusive packs got me hardly anything, and a pack with 2 rares that contains any rare gold in the game got me Mahrez.


  • AznSW
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    I had saved over 60 good packs and didnt pull any TOTS and did like 10 of the PL upgrade packs.

    Then I pack Rashford in a prime mixed players pack from MM Sbc

    It’s just random luck
  • Gamerjae
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    I've completely rinsed my club, had about 2.8m and had some insane luck.

    Managed top Pull Auba, Richarlison, Vardy, Trent, Robertson, Alisson, Adama, J Henderson and Kovacic.

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