New patch: player switch

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Played a few rivals to get the hang of this new patch before the WL but I'm really struggling with switching players.
I've tried using the anolog stick and using L1 but just can't choose the player I want(usually the obvious player)

Anyone else having this issue?


  • Mercenary
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    Was like that before the patch as well
  • TheTataGuy
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    It's always been broken, just have to deal with it
  • Amargaladaster26
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    I always had problems switching with button and stick. If I wanna select CDM, I go through 5 players regularly, ofc it cost me a few goals.
  • Aspas10
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    It was never great but today it felt impossible. Couldn't pick the right person, obviously I'm thinking it's going to select a certain player so I try to tackle but I pick the wrong player and tackle the air. Always fun
  • Theomanny
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    Its been really bad since last update and 2 weeks now. I am losing my mind its not healthy man. Think i might have to stop playing the game. Player switching and crap gameplay is killing me.
  • Roc_Xel
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    It's been awful really all year yet I completely agree that it's way worse since 2-3 days.

    Never had it that bad over so many games. Thought the exact same yesterday that this was since the patch.
  • young_volki
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    You guys know that feeling when you try to switch with L1 at first, but is switches to a completely different player and you get into panic mode and try to switch with the right stick and it keeps on switching to the player furthest away from the ball and all of that while you are being counter attacked ?
    That's how bad player switching is
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