Best pull from a bad pack

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I was just ticking off the La Liga SBC in preparation for the new TOTS player (mostly to have one last gambit towards a premier league TOTS player, but also because I already had about 80% of the players I needed) and after packing a Saudi TOTS Brazil CB and a Burki (good fodder), Real Sociedad produced the biggest shock of all. From a small gold players pack (6 players, all gold, one rare), I packed my first ever icon. Alright, it was only prime Klose, but even so that’s a good 160k or so from a pack which would probably sell for about 10k max if they sold them on the store. So I was wondering what everyone else’s “best pull from a bad pack” was.


  • Biggie567
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    I got tots season Simon from an eletrum pack with 1 rare. Sold for a nice 320k
  • Bamboozle
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    Totssf mahrez from a two player pack for scoring in two wins from Nantes players on Tuesday then got Cr7 from a normal gold upgrade yesterday.
  • Delboy13710
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    Prime Gullit from a mega pack
  • Rolandinho
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    RTTF Kante from a 7.5K pack, 1,6 Million Profit
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    My best pull from crap is Messi 2 years running from a 2 player pack, one rare one non rare. This happened at the start so was great to have him early on
  • CALLY09
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    got prime Larsson out of a 5k pack from an objective
  • Ledesale
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    RTTF mahrez from a tradable two player pack. I still don't know where I got a tradable two player pack from. I though they were all untradable.
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