can anyone tell me why?

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I hop you are fine

I made changes in my team

Sane 91 to Mane 98
sliva 91 to Salah 97
Fernandinho 92 to Henderson 94
Agüero 92 to Vardy 95

my skills point was close to 1800 after I (Improved) my team now close to 1500

the team looks like bronz slower than VS any team

the balance and agility looks 50

even when i try to defense ea make huge gap between GK and CBs with 2 or 3 depth

I gave instructions to the 2 CDM stay back cover center but the far away from the center and I have to bring them by my self

the A.I not doing anything for players position while the VS team they run very fast and cover from the A.I

I just can not understand the concept in this game why I can not see the stats on the cards in the game?


  • Kobayashi
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    Now everyone is on meta cards the game has had to slow down again. Basically your team has been sandbagged, try a new squad with cheap 82-84 players like dembele, the gameplay will be the same speed but you won't face 95-98 rated cards
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