Very low budget. Suggestions?

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Got about 1k on transfer list. I mean for the near future. Would like to play 4222 ingame with the icons up front. Only silvers are tradeable. Anyone?


  • player
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    I mean you are like 8 months late.Im afraid you will be a whipping boy.
    But you can still have fun.
    If I’m you ,and have new account,I will pump 20£ and hope for some luck,now is the best time to do it.
    TOTS are out,so big chance to pack somebody worth some coins.
  • Zalisis
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    Gonna struggle to be honest, but there's plenty of players under the 5k mark that are useful.

    Hernandez (Bayern), Sissoko, Rashford, Gelson Martins, Dembele as examples will all still do a job.
  • Kaldmann_X
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    I'm actually going to play friendlies against random people online, so no problem. Means I'll have the icons and Alex Sandro for the rest of this FIFA. I'm mainly playing pro clubs.

    Thanks for suggestions.
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