Possible Solution

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i have been on here a few times in the last week or so explaining how i had gone from
a 20 + weekend league players and division two rival player to a maximum of 14 weekend league wins and slipped to division 4 trying my hardest to win games !!
the game play was beyond unplayable . i have always been on a 50 inch tv and hardwired directly to virgin hub !!!
after playing two games with that same set up yesterday i was ready for calling it a day with fifa full stop !! i couldn't turn,pass,tackle . anything !!! ( i even bought a £300 gaming monitor a week ago and played on that and the gameplay was still horrible )
BUT i decided to try my playstation in the bedroom tv which is 40 inch and use a power adaptor for ethernet rather than direct into the HUB !!
don't ask me how or why but the gameplay has completely changed . the smoothness is back .
players can defend and control the ball. although hitting the post is still easier than scoring haha
i have climbed straight back up to division 2 with 12 wins out of 15 !!
this may not work for everyone but if you are struggling like hell out of nowhere like i was it could be worth a punt !!!

here is to hoping my fix has longevity haha

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