Stamina means nothing, pressure is all

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Your players can have 1/3 of their stamina but they will continue pressing high and your players will win every tackle. Players going up and down without any impact on their performance. Imagine in a real football match players running like headless chickens since the first minute. They won´t last more than 25 minutes. In FIFA there is no impact on the player's performance unless you go to extra time, and if the game is willing to do it. Not to mention when you get hit by the connection balance ghost.

The problem is that pressure is not just that. In this game, pressure means that the players from the team applying high pressure become superheroes. They reach the ball, the win every tackle, they accomplish every pass. While the other team players become useless ( even those with 99 composure miss every pass ) And if both teams apply the same pressure the game just turns into a rebounds feast, missed passes, etc. The experience is closer to NHL than football.

I would like to know in which game EA developers watched something like that. Probably Netherlands 74 but we should tell these guys that was about 40 years ago.


  • Paquetesousa
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    They fixed it temporarily on one of the first patches and then reverted it, just like proper tackling. It’s not good for the pro scene... there needs to be a way to guarantee wins, so that the pro scene is even able to exist
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