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We need to talk about gameplay I know I know there’s loads of people complaining. But we really need to discuss how the game got to this state. I never play anyone not playing 4231 with every person deep on constant pressure making the game just not enjoyable at all. There is no skill gap at all. You can literally dominate a game and have chance after chance and all of a sudden a pass goes nowhere you want it and every player will just hoof it down the wing and look for cutbacks. If it doesn’t work they go back to 10 men in there own half round the box. How can this be deamed a football game? I don’t blame people doing it as that’s the only way they can score and they hope EA and the AI defending gives them the better gameplay. But how can a development team make the game like this to the point there is no skill involved in it. I remember Fifa been a skilled game where you lost because the other player was simply better. Don’t get me wrong it still happens like that time to time but this game promotes bad gameplay and rewards anyone playing this way with wins regardless of skill. I’m not the best player but my favourite game franchise I used to love has been turned into a roulette wheel game where you hold throughball and hope EA give you a win. Cue the negative comments haha.


  • Massman
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    its painful playing the game atm
    today i had 8 games in row like this
  • Pete1564
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    I returned after a few months break and I’ve lasted just over a week!
    Agree with all you’ve said and without going into specific detail, I would just say that I find the game absolutely zero fun and very stressful to play.
    Previous FIFA’s had their faults but somehow they more or less got the mix right between challenging and fun.
    It’s supposed to entertain lol
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    today played game against player who has chemistry 58, and his players was faster, stronger, and goalkeeper (Palmer totss) was better than my de gea (92), he pass to my attacker and i make shoot with pace but and he shoot ball like never has breakfest that day 🙄 11/6 shoot count in first half and didnt score even one shoot, on empty goal hit post, reflexes of his goalie was like how can you be so fast? 🤔
  • mica_01
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    hit like if you have similar problems in divison 9 or 10 this is my team not best but how to get in higher divisons when all time they degrading divisons for easier opponents
  • Mike1234
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    A lot of what you say is true however I find a patient possession style set up with lots of passing triangles really is effective, it requires a lot of patience but that's the way to beat it. The biggest issue is the amount of people dropping down from the top divisions, it's like the wild west out there, no knowing who you will play. The divisions and skill level is a complete joke and pointless even being there, it means nothing, I'm basically stuck in Division 9 permanently. Hey you wouldn't believe the amount of FUT cards and icons that division 9 players seem to get, looking forward to WL must be ❤️❤️❤️❤️ easy. 🤦‍♂️🤣
  • Stehpool
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    I was a division 3 player now in division 6 because somehow just pressing through ball from your own half or halfway line means at some point more or less it goes straight through my defence or they are clear down the wing looking for a cutback. It gaurentees at least 1 or 2 goals a game. Whenever they don’t have the ball they have two banks of 4 on drop back strikers aimlessly running at you. Creating chances is stupid when they have Kante or Guilit with icon defenders just waiting for the ball with AI defending. It needs sorting when you add into the mix gameplay effecting how well your players will react and play that game. Some games I can break teams down others I can’t pass 5 yards and my players just stand about.
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