how to make the A.I play for you?

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notice that in every game if the A.I help you you will win or you will loss if it help the opponent

what the A.I do?
players position + auto block + team mate run + players speed

For example player has pace 99 he will looks 80 pace
CBs pace 80 they will looks 99 pace
and agility and balance the same

another example of A.I effect your team will do nothing and the CDMs will make huge gap and not covering and the opponent's team they do everything from themselves

if you understand the concept and how is it work you will get more wins even if your team is low rated because it is not servers issue servers will never reduce your player pace


  • leonosm
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    What do you mean? Is there a setting to make AI play for us?
  • Pablo_CS
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    Yo tampoco entendí muy buen que quiso decir, o sea si entiendo a lo que va pero no hay explicación del porque se abrió este tema, no tiene ningún tipo de ayuda solo un comentario de algo que para muchos no es muy probable. Falta contenido.
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